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We offer a spread of laboratory testing services, nationally, to attention professionals, people, employers, and government agencies. every service meets a singular would like and every is accessed during a completely different way:

Laboratory Tests ordered by attention Professionals - Most of the laboratory testing services we tend to perform ar for attention professionals. These laboratory testing services is also lined by insurance. If you are curious about having a selected laboratory take a look at performed, please raise your attention supplier if the laboratory take a look at is acceptable for you, and if he/she will order the laboratory test(s) for you.

Can I request my very own laboratory tests?

Yes, you will be able to order your own laboratory tests. we would need you to know the tests that ar needed and which can be required thus please do not hesitate to decision us and raise to talk with a doctor to answer your queries.you can visit anytime on our hospital and talk with doctors.

What types of tests will ganesh diagnostic perform?

We ar the India's leading supplier of diagnostic testing, data, and services. Our clinical laboratory testing services include: blood tests, ultrasound, X-Ray, cardiology, Radiology, body substance testing, tissue pathology and biology, health screening and observance tests, drug screening and testing also as gene-based testing (genetic testing). Visit our medicine Testing A-Z page to envision a listing of oft ordered research laboratory tests and learn why and the way laboratory tests ar done, and what data your doctor will get from the results.

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